Business Opportunities

Franchise Opportunity

  • CITI LAB provides range of tests from routine to super specialized under a single roof.
  • Equipped with state of the art diagnostic facilities.
  • Long term profitable business module.
  • Start-up with low investments (5-10 Lacs)
  • Long term franchise agreement.
  • Training and Development on Best Laboratory Management Practices, Knowledge Sharing and Branding.


CITI LAB offers franchising opportunities to enthusiastic individuals with a strong business acumen and interest in replicating the CITI LAB business model successfully in their locality.

  • A local resident with valid identity and residence proof
  • A standing deposit of 3-5 lac in a Nationalized Bank with one year transaction record
  • A creative leader with a track record of running a business or displays the potential to do so
  • Can independently drive and promote his/her own set-up
  • Provides company with a monthly record of business transactions
  • Adhering to quality protocols
  • Understands his/her client/patient needs and providing them best quality service

Large Test Menu – Broad range of approximately > 1000 clinical laboratory tests and many profiles.

Established brand – Well-recognized brand, delivering quality and reliable diagnostic services since last 4 decades

Tests Performed – During the financial year 2018, we conducted approximately more than million tests.

Network Strength – We have widespread presence across all provinces of Pakistan, In addition, we have also entered into agreements with third parties for collection and processing of specimens in America , Australia etc.

Quality Assurance – Our organization holds accreditation from ISO 18159, CAP, and, Royal College of Pathologists Australia Quality Assurance, EQAS,

Requirements for getting selected as a CITILAB Franchisee

  • Area requirement: 600sqft – 2000 sqft (Depending on locality)
  • Refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 50,000 to be made to Citi Lab & Research Centre.
  • Minimum Investment of over PKR 3- 5 Lacs
  • Gestation Period of over 6 Months – 2 years


  • Training and Development on Best Laboratory Management Practices
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Branding, Marketing and Sales Support

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